Hey y’all. I am Nimrod. Thanks for tuning into the Nimrod Diaries. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself to all the new readers. I am a husband, father and lover of anything outdoors. I live in Michigan, where I have ample time and places to go out hunting, fishing, hiking, watching birds, game and non-game animals, flowers… well you get the idea. My time spent in the woods only gets better when I have my family or friends with me.

My family enjoys the outdoors so much when it came time to buy our first house we only looked at the ones that came with enough land to hunt on. After a long, restless search we found a perfect place. It was surrounded with about 50,000 acres of woods. We jumped at the chance. Now I can walk across the street and hunt, hike, take pictures or what ever I desire. To be honest we did not buy all 50,000 acres of land. We bought one acre and share the rest with the rest of the citizens of our great state. Heck who can afford 50,000 acres?

My wife is Yoop. She is an awesome wife, who loves to get outdoors with me. She rarely complains when I spend countless hours hunting and other things outdoors. We have been married for about 8 years. I made sure the wedding day was a day I wouldn’t forget over the years… the start of the second week of firearm deer season. Yeah it would have been easier to remember on the opener… that’s funny. Really think I would risk loosing the opening day? Yoop is a life long rifle hunter from the UP of Michigan. We spent the days before, the day of and the days after the wedding in a deer blind in the UP. She would not have gone for wedding on the State holiday either. I have quickly realized that Thanksgiving at the in-laws is enjoyable, when spent in a heated deer blind in the awesome Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

We have two wonderful kids, Monkey and Munda. Monkey is just getting to the age to go out on adventures with dad. Munda, well she is just starting to walk. She is a smart little girl, loves listening to Chris LeDoux with daddy and watching hockey and hunting shows. Not certain but I think they get their brains from Yoop.

I am a diehard bowhunter. I prefer taking an old Fred Bear Archery recurve, but sometimes ride with training wheels. When bow season comes around, I spend nearly ever daylight hour in the woods. Hours not spent working, playing daddy or sleeping that is. I don’t have many close friends I hunt with. Well there is my friend Murphy, of Murphy’s Law fame. He follows me around all the time even when I don’t want him with me. Anyone who knows of Murphy should know he is not the best of company.

My brother in law, Mud, hunts with me when he is over visiting. We are both dedicated diehard bow hunters. Our lives revolve around bow season. And gun season. And muzzleloader season. We like to get out fishing also. We get along great, even though he is a compound shooter. And his tendency to find the only property line for miles, and go to the wrong side of it. At least the police and landowners have been kind to us when we explained that Muds internal compass is out of whack.

Mud is married to my sister, Book. They have two kids, Red and Tough Enough. Red has started going out with Mud and I on some adventures. Tough is still a little young, but before long he will be joining on the Nimrod adventures.

Mud and I live quite a distance apart. So when he gets over, our base of operations is usually my parents or Muds in laws house, however you prefer to look at it. Grey Beard and Knitter have been married forever, and are still happy together. Anytime we succeed and have a deer to cut into family sized portions, it is done at baseops. They have the equipment and a place to complete the task inside. Minor detail, until you try to do it outside in the middle of a Michigan winter.

I think I covered everything. As the diary continues I am sure you will meet new people along the way. If I fail to introduce them, just let me know. Please check back often. I will add to the diary as time permits between family obligations and my outdoor adventures. Take care, stay safe and shoot straight.



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