Mis-aligned Compass

Fishing is a fun past time for the spring and summer, but I don’t really enjoy it as much as say bowhunting. Deer, squirrel, leaves, dirt clumps. When the season is on none stand a chance from not getting an arrow thrown their way… only when in range of course, which ain’t often.

Long slow nights at work are no help getting my mind off of flinging arrows. These times I rely on previous adventures to keep the fire at bay. Was talking earlier today with Book and it reminded me of one adventure from the late season last fall.

Mud was over and we were trying to get some venison for his freezer. We went to some family land we both had hunted before. Being Mud has had a dry streak for a year or two, I let him sit in the spot we often see deer. We saw two their this season, way more than other spots on the property. I walked him to a tree and gave him directions to the area the deer congregate in large numbers once or twice a year.

I went to the opposite side of the property and found a nice seat in the two foot of snow on the ground. Reaching around for my stool I realized it was still in the Jeep. I think Murphy took it from me and put it in the Jeep, but, I am Michigan man I can take a few hours planted in the snow. After a few minutes the cold got to me, and I decided a nice walk was in order to thaw out. Not wanting to spoke any deer Mud may see, I took the scenic route back to the Jeep.

Once back, I got out the stool, and sat around for a few hours. Shooting arrows at corn stalk stubs and enjoying a great Michigan winter day. Never unthawing. After about 90 minutes a sheriffs car came by, going to the neighbors. Another sheriffs car came by, turned around in the neighbors driveway and pulled up near the Jeep. I put my bow down and walked up to him, asking if I could help him.

He asked me if I had been hunting behind the neighbors house. I explained I had not, but Mud was hunting in that area, on our property. He told me the neighbor had called hours before about someone dressed like a pumpkin, carrying a gun was trespassing on their land. He asked me if I could get Mud and have him come up to talk to them. I said sure, and gave Mud a ring on the telephone and said the law was there to talk to him. While waiting the law went to the neighbors house with his cohort. A short time later, both law cars left, nary a wave or explanation why they had me end Mud’s hunt short.

Mud got back to the Jeep about half hour later. I figured he had seen the thirty point buck next door and forgot about the property line issue. Mud explained to me his compass had led him astray. The 50 yard walk east, then the 100 yard walk north, turned into about a couple hundred yard walk north-east and a conversation with the neighbor.

Mud told me once he explained about the mis-calibrated compass he uses, the neighbor was cool with him. Showed him where his stands were and walked the property line with him. Mud said he was glad I had called him because he was frozen to his chair. We ended the nights hunt and went to base ops for some cold dinner. I don’t think Mud was just frozen to the chair, I think he had fallen a sleep after that long walk he took to the stand, then froze to his chair.


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