Twas the night before deer season…

Life ain’t what it used to be. I recall years ago when life ceased on November 15th. Men didn’t go to work. Kids didn’t go to school. They went hunting. November 15th is a Michigan state holiday. Well not officially but years ago many places treated it that way. Businesses, schools, towns would close. No sense in opening if no one was going to be there anyway. Not so much anymore. This year I will be the lone hunter on the family land for the opener. I don’t think it has been that way ever since I started hunting.

For those who don’t know November 15th is the opening day of Michigan’s firearm deer season. One of the greatest of holidays.

Y’all know I am a diehard bow hunter. I live, breath and ooze bowhunting. The bow opener is a great time to be a hunter. From tradition alone it pales in comparison to the firearms opener. Maybe it is gun season last about 2 weeks… bow season lasts for about 12 (including 2 for gun season). Maybe it is just not anchored in as much lore. No matter the reason the Michigan Firearm deer opener is a quite likely the best time to be a Michigan deer hunter.

Hunters around the state travel all kind of distances to get to deer camp. Whether it is a tent in your yard or a cabin deep in the north woods. Deer camp is the place to be come November 15th and the preceding days. It is a time when boys become men and men act like boys. Camp is a place where amenities like running water are not near as important as running beer taps or poker games. A place where pranks run rampant and friendships are kindled.

This year I am running deer camp out of my house. With my Yoop, Monkey and Munda! I guess Murph will be there too since no one took me up on my offer for him. I have hunted the same chair, the belonged to my grandpa. Looking at the weather and deer sign I would believe that it would not be the best for the circumstances. Will I break tradition? Will I follow the norm? What would grandpa do? Check back soon for the next entry into my diaries.


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