The (Broken) Process

The urge.   You know the one.  You are going to sit down and write a masterpiece.  Something powerful, meaningful.  Something that will set the world on fire.

If your me, you do some internet “research.”   You search for that one piece of data that will support your whole idea.  You search and search.  You tweak your search words, refining you word selection as you go.  You find a few things that are close.   Yet the creme de la cream is elusive.

After awhile you stop looking.  You open your word processing software and start to type.  After awhile, you reread what you have written and notice you have strayed off your topic.  Is it fixable?  Maybe.

You read your work again and another idea comes to the forefront.  Oh yea!  This is the one.  The data you need is slightly different.  You start the search again.  You have a small jump start, as the topic is somewhat related to the last one.  You tweak the search again.  But the creme de la cream is no where to be found.  You again stop looking.

Not to be deterred, you save your first rambling, never know when it may make sense to someone, and open another document.  You start tapping the keys again.  You get a few more paragraphs this time.  As you reread it you again stray off the intended topic.  Would someone really want to read the rambling?  Is there any flow?  Would a normal person be able to understand you?  You hit save again.

You take a break, grab something to drink.  Go do some deep thinking on the thinking chair.  Then it hits you.  The best idea you have had.  You finish your thinking and go back to the computer.  You open another document and you stare at the white screen.

After a few minutes you realize your stuck.  You reach for a hunting magazine for inspiration but realize you left them at the thinking chair.  Instead you click over to your favorite outdoor site.  You check in with your buddies.  See what the latest catch or kill is.  You check out the latest gear.  You catch up on unimportant emails.

You close the sites and go back to your blank document.  You tap out a few sentences.  You read them.  They are worst than the first two times.  You erase them and try again.  Same results.   After staring at a blank screen for another few more minutes.  You realize that you are stuck.  Hopelessly stuck.   What to do?

Click over to Outdoor Blogger Network and find another blog to read.  At least someone out there isn’t having a mental block.

A special thanks to, Johan, for letting us use this piece during a time when Nimrods head isn’t quite right.   Thanks!


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