Brief Hiatus

This time its actually a legit reason for a break.  Not only are we in the middle of the Michigan firearm deer season.  Nimrod went and decided to slice his non trigger index finger nearly in half.  Well its not that bad but the doc at the ER felt it was a good time to practice his stitching and left me with 21 of the darn things.

Short story about the finger and how no good deed goes unpunished:  Someone close to Nimrod needed a deer skinned because they have back problems and don’t need to make it worse.  Nimrod had a few minutes to spare and can skin a deer with the best.   3/4’s of the way through, I made an odd cut but no worries.  I work my way around the cut when I hear something behind me.  I turn and see nothing.  I turn back to the deer at hand and continue.   A few seconds later, at the point where knife met hide the cosmos lined up the knife continued through the hide and into my non trigger index finger.

I have nicked my fingers enough to know I can handle most of them with copious amounts of anti germ cream and band aids.  However when I see multiple layers of sub cutaneous matter that should not see the light of day I realize its not time to play macho man… especially dealing with wild game skin/meat.  I won’t gross you out by posting pictures of the mess but will be glad to share with anyone interested!

On the positive side there was no nerve or tendon damage and we were still able to make the annual trip to the Great (not so) White North.  Deer sightings are down but it still beats not being here.  I even made Momma Nature so mad she gave us some snow!

Another positive is I have to keep the finger clean so if the good Lord blesses me with a deer either Logger or Yoop will be stuck field dressing it.  I am truly heart broken about this but have to follow the doctors orders… especially when they benefit you!

While we are in the Northland I am posting brief updates on our Facebook page.  Internet time is limited and the connection is slow, like my typing right now.  Please like our Facebook page.  Posting there is less painful and won’t wear out my spell check.  Let me know your Facebook page and I would be glad to reciprocate the”like” (or is it “liking”?)

Hope everyone is having a wonder late fall/early winter.

Happy Thanks giving from the Nimrod Clan.


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