A year in pictures… sort of.

I am sitting at the computer looking through pictures from the past year, really organizing them since I have put it off for a year.  The reminiscing and a photo prompt over at the Outdoor Blogger Network lead me to create this not yet end of  year Nimrod clan part of a year in pictures.

What follows is a few pictures I think they tell the story of our year.  Lots of fishing, lots of smiles and countless memories. Trust me selecting just a handful of pictures was tough but I think these display our year well. I hope you enjoy!

Get the kids outside- they will thank you for it.

Munda helping Nimrod clean some fish for supper.

Mundas first fishing trip.

Monkey at the bow.

Prepping the tent.

Checking out the baby horses at the Great relatives

Monkey pointing the way to the mushroom hole.

Munda chillin before a voyage.

Checking out the remnants of the balloon she popped.

A dandy!

Another Dandy!

Monkeys first catfish.

Nimrod's personal best largemouth caught on a fly rod.

Keeping the butterfly garden watered.

The Fishing Princess (just ask her!)

Heading out for Mundas first bow hunt.

Monkey and Nimrod heading out for an evening sit.Monkey and Nimrod heading out for an evening sit.

Monkey and Logger.


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