The Winds of Change are Blowing

To our new friends and to those who have been with us awhile… Welcome back!

In the past the Nimrod Diaries has been a place for me to exercise my creative ideas, no matter how limited, and create (hopefully) humorous stories about my life, specifically my outdoor adventures.   It went well for awhile. However my well of humor seems to have dried up.   Or I have writers block.   Either way it is not working right now.

While I really enjoy writing the humorous side of things and those stories will not disappear.   I just can not sit and watch the blog doing nothing while I work on filling the humor well or breaking the writing block.   I truly believe we have something special working here at the Nimrod Diaries.  What that is I don’t know but plan to work hard to find out.

I read a quote the other day that was the motivating idea behind some changes:

“You have to stir the pot every then and again or else a scum will start to form.”

I have yet to figure out who to attribute the quote to but whomever said it is a genius.

So where is Nimrod Diaries heading? Great question.  As mentioned above the humor style of the writing will continue and the strictly humor stories will continue to appear.  To answer the question Nimrod Diaries is expanding.  We are moving to a traditional blog styling covering day to day items from Nimrod’s World.  This will include the new Nimrod Diaries podcast, the Nimrod beer reviews and several other items that are on the menu for the future.  As well as continued content on Facebook and Twitter.

The goal is not only interact more with you but to pass on what we are doing in the Nimrod world, in hopes it will get you involved in your own life, closer to your family and loving life more than ever.

How will we do this?   Sit back and watch.   Like us over on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check back here at the Diaries.

The future is you.   Walk along with us and make it a better place for everyone.


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