Tying Rubber Spiders (Video)

Hey folks! Today I am going to show you a video on how I tie rubber spiders. These are my go to fly when I am chasing panfish and even bass with my flyrod. This was my first video of tying flies and a big teacher of what and what not to do.

Very simple fly that works very well for panfish. I often use a small soft hackle fly under a rubber spider if I am not sure what the fish want. I will show how to tie my soft hackle fly in a different video and one on how I set up the dropper set up. I mention technical difficulties in the video. That means Murph sneaker up and shut off the camera while I was concentrating on tying the spider. Why doesn’t anyone take me up on my offer to drop Murph off at their house?

Rubber Spiders

Here is how I tie rubber spiders to slay the ‘gills!

Here is a picture of the bass I mentioned in the video. It smacked a green rubber spider like a freight train. Both kids were enamored with the bucket mouth.

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Until next time get outdoors and bring the kids with you. They will thank you for it.


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